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Hero: Jangan Bikin Panas (2019)

Hero Jangan-Bikin-Panas Mal 2019 500

[Malay with Eng & Chinese Subtitles] 
98 mins 
Genre: Action/ Comedy
Starring: Hisyam Hamid, Bell Ngasri, Mark Adam
Directed by: Azizi Chunk

Rating: (PG-13)


Ever since the freak accident at his Tahfiz school years ago, Zafrul is determined to avenge those who perished in the tragedy. Now a firefighter, he teams up with newbies Ahmad Mustar and Adam Fanifinali, as well as Amylia and Suraya, to investigate an illegal land selling activity done by an international gang of criminals. They soon learn that the same gang is responsible for the fire at the Tahfiz all those years ago.


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