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Wira (2019)

WIRA Mal 2019 500

[Malay with Eng & Chinese Subtitles] 
168 mins 
Genre: Action/ Martial Arts/ Drama
Starring:  Hairul Azreen, Henley Hii, Fify Azmi, Dain Said, Ismi Melinda, Yayan Ruhian
Directed by: Adrian Teh

Rating: (PG-13)


Hassan leaves home from a young age as he can no longer stand seeing his family and the people around him being pushed around by a man named Raja. He enlists in the military but after leaving it, he returns home to help his family and community. In order to settle the debt his younger brother Zain has incurred after losing an MMA fight organised by Raja, the two brothers team up for a match against Raja's sons Vee and Rayyan.


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