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Local female director shares insights on film industry

Director Siti Kamaluddin with Director Zhangji Zhong. – ORIGIN

SITI Kamaluddin, Brunei’s first female director and one of Brunei’s 50 most influential women, recently attended the grand opening of Influence Chain Asia Pacific Operation Centre in Singapore at the MasterCard Theatre, Marina Bay Sands.

Also in attendance were Zhangji Zhong – a known producer and director in China’s film industry and Michael Owen, television and football legend.

During a round table discussion, Siti Kamaluddin and Zhangji Zhong shared their insights on the creative industry and ‘celebrity’ economy.

Siti Kamaluddin shared the vision of influencers having a platform to generate business. “It is great that the importance of influence is now widely recognised and in fact encouraged in generating business flow. The film industry is currently flourishing globally with more film commissions being set up worldwide. Film has proven itself to be beneficial towards a nation’s economy. Having this platform will be an accelerator to the film business,” she said.

The co-founder of Influence Chain, Heng Xia, in his opening speech introduced the initial thoughts and the promising future of using influencers for economic growth. “I have a strong belief that the next generation of the fans’ economy is a new way of interaction between influencers and supporters because it is value-based.”

Owen recalled his experience from an insider’s perspective. “After my retirement, I’m still benefitting from the influence all these kind people gave to me. Influence has its values. When I first learnt about Influence Chain, I was surprised to see their vision coincides with mine. They devote to bring the enormous value of global influencers to the world,” he said.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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