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Thai technicians at new car window tinting centre

A technician installs solar film to a windshield. – ACHONG TANJONG

BY Achong Tanjong

THE YKF Car Audio and Accessories Service shop is offering a 10 per cent discount for solar film car installations.

The car window tinting procedure has been approved by the Land Transport Department (JPD). The shop offers USA quality brand – Teck Wrap car window films with three different types and thickness (K-70, AP-2 and HA-2).

The shop has a new branch at Berakas Complex in Kampong Serusop managed by two professional technicians from Thailand.

The shop can complete tinting procedures for two to three cars per day depending on the size of the vehicle. One car takes four to five hours to complete. The shop also installs the JPD sign on the vehicle.

The company also specialises in console, car audio, alarm, tinted glass, fibre glass, air brush car painting and more.

The solar films reduce heat in the vehicle and also conforms to the rules and regulations as it allows 70 per cent of light through a window.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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