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32-year-old jailed for assaulting ex-wife

BY Fadley Faisal

THE Bandar Magistrate’s Court Tuesday imposed a two months’ jail sentence on a 32-year-old man after he pleaded guilty to assaulting his former wife.

Mohammad Mahadhir bin Haji Ariffin/Mohamad Ariffin and the victim were married for 10 years and have five children. They divorced this year.

Acting Chief Magistrate Pengiran Masni binti Pengiran Haji Bahar sentenced the defendant to a month’s imprisonment and a $1,000 fine.

The defendant could not pay the fine and was ordered to serve two months’ jail, which would commence after he finished serving sentence for an earlier case.

DPP Dayangku Didi bin Pengiran Latiff’s facts of the case stated that the victim had a miscarriage a few days earlier and on May 25, 2017 at 5pm she felt unwell and wanted to go to the hospital. The victim’s mother came to pick her up, but the defendant would not let her go. As the victim attempted to enter the car, the defendant held the door, ensuring she could not close it. The defendant then grabbed hold of the victim’s wrist, pulling it forcefully and told her to get out. The defendant banged his head on the car door five times, scaring the children who were in the car.

The defendant’s mother and brothers tried to calm him down, advising him that the victim needed to go to the hospital, but to no avail. At 6.45pm, the victim’s mother called the police and only then did the defendant let go of the victim’s wrist.

The police advised the victim to go to the hospital, where she was admitted as a gynecology patient. The following night at 10pm, the defendant showed up at the ward.

The victim was holding her mother’s phone, which had a pouch and a paper written with phone numbers on it. The defendant tried taking it from the victim, but the victim insisted that the phone belonged to her mother.

A struggle ensued. The defendant finally got hold of the phone, slapped the victim with the phone pouch, and quickly left the room. The victim tried to run after the defendant to get the phone back, but nurses held her back and told her to rest.

The defendant was told to leave the ward as visiting hours had ended. The victim was discharged on May 29, 2017 and immediately lodged a police report.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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