Import of Australian strawberries halted temporarily

BY Achong Tanjong

IN LIGHT of the recent reports of the discovery of needles and sewing pins in strawberries in Australia, the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood has begun close monitoring of strawberry imports from Australia.

The department has initiated investigations into the matter and contacted Australian authorities to get the latest information on the issue. Based on their findings, strawberries from the affected companies are not currently being imported into Brunei Darussalam.

The department has however, taken the preemptive step of temporarily halting strawberry imports from Australia until it obtains clearance from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Australia that the fruits are free from contamination.

Companies in Brunei importing strawberries have been informed to get their stock from recognised safe suppliers from other countries.

The Department of Agriculture and Agrifood would like to reassure the public that it carries out thorough monitoring and inspections of imported agricultural produce to ensure that the food in the country is safe for consumption.

The department urged the public not to be anxious about the strawberry situation in Australia.

For further information, contact the department’s Biosecurity Section at 2382822 ext: 2125/2127 (during office hours).

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin