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Man gets eight months in prison for stealing, fraud

BY Fadley Faisal

THE Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday sentenced a local man to eight months’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to stealing, passing off a forged document as genuine and giving false information to police personnel.

The court was informed how Mohammed Zulzamrin bin Zulkifli, 36, had made a deal with a woman via Facebook on September 13, on the pretext of buying her Samsung Tab A6.

When the woman arrived with her husband for an arranged meeting at a house in Bebuloh, she took out the Tab for the defendant to examine.

The defendant then informed her that he wanted to show the Tab to his younger sibling, and left the couple waiting in their car.

After 10 minutes, the woman grew suspicious and began honking the car horn, before she realised that the defendant had already made off with her Tab.

On the evening of the same day, the victim’s niece saw a Dell Laptop being posted up for sale on the defendant’s Facebook account, and arranged for a meeting at her house address.

Later that evening, the defendant arrived at the house with a friend, and handed over the Dell Laptop for the victim’s niece to examine.

The defendant also informed her that the laptop had no charger, and that she would have to take it to a computer retailer in order to find a suitable one. He then gave her a Brunei National Registration Identification Card bearing the name of Zamrin bin Kifli BYIC No 00-288838, as a security for her return in the event that she was unable to locate the right charger from any retailer.

At the same time, the victim and her husband were hiding inside the house, observing the defendant.

When they went outside to apprehend the defendant, he immediately ran away, leaving his friend behind.

The victim and her husband then detained the defendant’s friend, and reported the matter to the police. Shortly after, the police arrived and arrested the defendant’s friend, which then led to the defendant’s arrest.

DPP Sabrina binti Haji Mahmud further informed the court that during investigations, when the defendant’s preliminary statement was taken on September 20, he gave his name to the police personnel as one Zamrin bin Kifli with a Brunei National Registration Identification Card number that did not belong to him.

The defendant was legally bound to provide information on his identity, but gave false information to the police personnel who recorded his statement.

When the defendant was taken to the hospital by the police for a medical check-up, the Bru-Hims system revealed the defendant’s name is Mohammed Zulzamrin bin Zulkifli with his actual Brunei National Registration Identification Card number.

This was further confirmed by the Memorandum from the Immigration and National Registration Department, when the police conducted further investigations.

Magistrate Hajah Noor Amalina binti Dato Paduka Haji Alaihuddin, on considering the sentence, took into account the seriousness of the offence, while also highlighting that the facts of the case indicated a high level of culpability, along with a degree of planning and harm.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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