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High Court dismisses appeal in pimping case

BY Fadley Faisal 

THE High Court recently dismissed a permanent resident’s appeal against sentence for pimping.

On August 9, 2018, Kuan Kok Yin, 43, pleaded guilty to hiring out Jin Maju, 34, who had also pleaded guilty to prostitution. In dismissing the appeal, Chief Justice Dato Paduka Steven Chong upheld the Magistrate’s decision and highlighted that this sort of activity is injurious to the public interest, and that a prison sentence justified even for a first offender.

On August 7, the Anti-Vice and Gambling Suppression Unit of the Royal Brunei Police Force raided a Jalan Tutong apartment for suspected prostitution activities.

Kuan Kok Yin and Jin Maju were found with a man. Inspection of the apartment led to the discovery of items related to prostitution services. Investigations revealed that Kuan Kok Yin had been finding customers for sexual services through WeChat.

On August 9, Magistrate Pengiran Hazirah binti Pengiran Mohd Yusof sentenced Kuan Kok Yin to eight months’ imprisonment for hiring out Jin Maju, who was fined BND800 or serve one month imprisonment in default. On October 27, Kuan Kok Yin appealed against his sentence, seeking leniency from the High Court to reduce his imprisonment sentence based on the hardship his family is facing.

DPP Sabrina binti Haji Mahmud for the respondent submitted to the court that the hardship was brought about by the appellant’s own conduct.

She further submitted the sentence imposed is appropriate and not manifestly excessive.

Chief Justice Dato Paduka Steven Chong dismissed the appellant’s application and upheld the Magistrate’s decision.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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