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Indonesian woman embraces Islam before husband’s body (2019)

The Indonesian woman embracing Islam at Bengkurong Mosque before her ex-husband’s remains who passed away on Friday. – AZLAN OTHMAN

BY Azlan Othman

A CHRISTIAN Indonesian woman embraced Islam before the body of her husband at the Kampong Bengkurong Mosque on Saturday.

The woman’s husband embraced Islam three days before the holy month of Ramadhan. He passed away on Friday.

Nurul Hajidah binti Abdullah’s conversion ceremony was held in the presence of the former Imam and Adviser of Kampong Bengkurong Mosque Haji Anuar bin Mohd Yusof.

Nurul Hajidah said it was her intention to embrace Islam, but such a source of Islamic enlightenment could not be made when her husband Ahmad Redzuan bin Abdullah was alive.

Witness Village Head of Kampong Bengkurong, Kampong Sinarubai and Kampong Burong Lepas Haji Talib bin Abu Bakar said Nurul Hajidah wanted to embrace Islam before the husband’s remains.

Nurul Hajidah had told her husband about her intention to embrace Islam when he was alive.

The woman recited the Syahadah to her husband’s ear.

Family members of the woman’s husband, teachers of Masin Secondary School and mosque Takmir committee members also participated in the ceremony.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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