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Water disruptions in several areas (17.8.2019)

BY Fadley Faisal

The Public Works Department, Ministry of Development, announced that repairs are being carried out on several leakages occurring to the Muara-Tutong Highway water pipe in a length of 1,200mm within the vicinity of the KM 52.7 signage.

The Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant will be shut down temporarily until completion of repairs. Water disruption will affect residential areas in Kampong Perpindahan Lambak Kanan, Kampong Perumahan Meragang, Kampong Tanah Jambu, Kampong Salambigar, Royal Brunei Armed Forces Defence Academy and its surrounding areas. To mitigate the water disruption, the blue water tanks have been placed around Kampong Perpindahan Lambak Kanan in the areas of Jalan 49, 64, 11, nearby Dato Marsal Primary School; nearby Jalan 77 Community Hall’s Police Post, RPN Lambak Kanan Mosque; nearby Co-Curriculum Education Department; Sayyidina Abu Bakar Secondary School surroundings and Jalan Madang ‘Standpipe’ located near Simpang 46.

Blue water tanks and jerrycans have been allocated along Kampong Perumahan Meragang near the RPN Meragang Recreational Park. The department advised the public to reduce water usage and to contact Darussalam hotline 123 for request on water supplies from tankers or to address issues on water supplies.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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