Showcase of ASEAN’s finest musicians in Bangkok (2019)

BY Danial Norjidi

BEAUTIFUL music was performed by some of the region’s finest musicians for the ASEAN ‘Green & Peace Forever,’ Musical Compositions of ASEAN Concert in Bangkok, Thailand on August 16.

Hosted by the Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture and in collaboration with renowned musical institutes of Thailand and musicians from ASEAN member countries, the concert was held in celebration of the Royal Coronation of His Majesty King Rama X of Thailand, the ASEAN Chairmanship of Thailand and the ASEAN Cultural Year.

A press release noted that the concert featured ASEAN music from the past to present, supported by the Feroci Philharmonic Orchestra along with various artistes from 10 ASEAN member countries.

Brunei, as an abode of peace and hidden treasures, was presented in the concert through two original compositions by founder and Director of Expression Music Academy Brunei Lily Chiam.

The first piece, ‘Transformation,’ was arranged by the academy’s graduate Shian Li Chiam and orchestrated by Tan Onwimon. Featuring Shian Li as a piano soloist, Brunei was described through the piece as a “a soaring, grand piece for orchestra and piano, invoking a peaceful journey of personal realisation and of breaking away from the normal routine and propelling oneself to progress to another level higher.”

The second piece, ‘Fill Me,’ was rearranged by Expression Music Academy Brunei graduate Evan Chiam and Shian Li Chiam, with lyrics by Eden Chiam.

ABOVE & BELOW: Eden Chiam; and Shian Li Chiam woo the audience. PHOTOS: EXPRESSION MUSIC ACADEMY

Featuring Eden as the vocal soloist, the piece “evokes the grandeur and majesty of the Kingdom of Nature. Originally for piano and orchestra, the composition was adapted for a vocal soloist. The orchestration sparkles with energy leading towards a splendorous climax depicting the possibility of creating what is your heart’s desire.”

Lily Chiam said, “I waited 11 years to hear my compositions performed Live. Those magnificent moments are truly indescribable.”

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin