SHENA striving to make Brunei a safe place to work and live (2019)

Panellists during the forum. PHOTO: SHENA

The Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) held a forum in the Design & Technology Building at Anggerek Desa, entitled Workplace Safety and Health Officer Forum for various organisations in Brunei. The forum focussed on the roles and responsibilities of Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) officers.

This forum was significant as SHENA wishes to work with WSH officers in supporting Brunei Vision 2035. It is about quality of life and SHENA’s vision of making a difference in Brunei to ensure that the country is a safe place to work and live.

Among other objectives of the forum were – to provide a better understanding on the roles and functions of the SHENA; to provide a better understanding on the importance of maintaining a high level of HSE awareness within the workplace; to provide insight into the laws governing the requirements of Workplace Safety and Health Officers; and to provide a platform for stakeholders to interact and raise HSE concerns.

Meanwhile, SHENA also conducted a number of inspections and investigations at various construction sites in Brunei Darussalam recently.

Concerns and non-compliances at these sites are: Lack of general hazard management and risk assessment within the construction sites; lack of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), emergency response and other safety plans for high risk activities; inadequate maintenance and certification of cranes and equipment; lack of HSE awareness, poor communication practices and supervision onsite; non-compliant practices in scaffolding activities; lack of provision of suitable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for all workers; untrained workers, crane operators and other safety critical personnel; and unsafe practices in the use of electrical tools and appliances.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin