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Vote on a name and place Brunei among stars (2019)

BY Aziz Idris

It’s time for Brunei to take its place among the stars – by name.

Bruneians can now vote on 10 shortlisted names by visiting the Astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam’s (PABD) website at www.bruneiastronomy.org/NameExoWorlds.

Voting period for the pair of star and planet ends on November 13.

The shortlisted names are; Arik and Rinut; Arkat and Kandila; Ginis and Cikar; Gumala and Mastika; Kalapmalip and Diyan; Lantira and Kulimpapat; Maya and Berawa; Nulus and Liun; Semaun and Sangkuna; Surapit and Petabu.

The public online voting was launched by Vice President of PABD Haji Abdul Aziz bin Haji Akop last Saturday night via live broadcast on the society’s Facebook page.

He said that PABD previously received 242 names of exoplanet proposals from individuals, schools, government agencies and private sectors but the committee members had narrowed down to only 10 names from the local dialect.

According to PABD, the top three proposals based on the public votes will be submitted for review to the Office for Astronomy Outreach from the International Astronomical Union (IAU), which will be announced in December 2019.

The new Bruneian names will be officially used in conjunction with the existing scientific nomenclature, with mention of the persons who proposed them.

Exoworld naming BN 2019 Screenshot 2

Ten shortlisted NameExoWorlds Brunei Darussalam proposals. TABLE: PABD; Image from BB


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