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Call to expedite ratification of ASEAN transport facilitation framework agreements (2019)

Acting Director of the Land Transport Department (JPD) Haji Rozaly bin Haji Saidon delivers his speech. PHOTO: ROKIAH MAHMUD

BY Rokiah Mahmud

In his opening remarks at the opening of the 38th ASEAN Transports Facilitation Working Group (TFWG), Acting Director of the Land Transport Department (LTD) Haji Rozaly bin Haji Saidon, in his capacity as the Chairman of 38th TFWG, said he looked forward to positive updates from ASEAN member states (AMS) on the progress of ratification and implementation of the ASEAN transport facilitation framework agreements.

He expressed hope for the meeting to put more efforts on expediting the ratification and implementation of agreements to meet the timeline as specified under the Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan (KLTSP) 2016 – 2025.

“We are also looking forward to hearing further progress on the implementaton of the various transportation initiatives and projects in ASEAN. This meeting, we will be hearing reports and proposals from our dialogue partners and transport associations, and encourage for the TFWG to continue giving support and cooperation to our partners and transport associations in leveraging on their expertise and knowledge for our mutual benefit,” he said

The meeting will also deliberate on requirements for the pilot implementation of the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Cross-Border Transport of Passengers by Road Vehicles (CBTP), and serve as a platform for AMS and private sector representatives to work out their cross-cutting differences with exchange of views to reduce the transport facilitation gaps.

The three-day meeting is being hosted by the JPD under the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications (MTIC), at The Centrepoint Hotel in Gadong.

Brunei Darussalam has been resuming the chairmanship from the 37th ASEAN TFWG Meeting held in April this year. The main agenda is to discuss the AMS progress in implementing the ASRAN Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Goods in Transit (AFAFGIT) and the ASEAN Framework Agreement in the Facilitation of Inter-State Transport (AFAFIST).

The meeting will also consider progress reports of the National Transit Transport Coordinating Committee (BTTCCS), as presented by respective AMS. In addition, the meeting will assess and consider the implementation of the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Multimodal Transport (AFAMT) prior to the 48th Senior Transport Officials Meeting (STOM) and the 25th ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting (ATM) from November 11 to 15 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The TFWG Meeting is attended by delegates from the AMS; the ASEAN Secretariat; the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan (MLIT); the ASEAN Regional Integration Support by the EU (ARISE) as the ASEAN Dialogue Partner; Transport Associations, namely the ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Association (AFFA); the ASEAN Trucking Federation (ATF); and the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

Brunei Darussalam is represented by senior officials from the JPD, along with other government agencies and representatives from the local private sector.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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