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Wildfire destroys 10 hectares in Seria (2019)

BY James Kon

A wildfire destroyed 10 hectares of government land at the Seria Water Treatment Plant, blanketing the area in thick smoke on Thursday.

After receiving an alert at around 1.33pm, a team of 10 firefighters and two fire engines from Seria Fire Station led by Station Officer Ajak bin Haji Jais managed to control the blaze.

Personnel from Seria Police Station were on hand to control the flow of traffic along the Seria-Lumut Bypass. The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) advised drivers to slow down and switch on their headlights when driving through areas covered in thick smoke.

Fishing enthusiasts are also urged to extinguish campfires and to refrain from throwing cigarette butts that are still alight.

The FRD also welcomes public assistance in extinguishing small fires at roadside verges. For fire-related emergencies, contact the FRD hotline at 995.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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