FRD responds to 22 emergency calls in 24 hours (2020)

A house on fire at Jalan Tanah Jambu 1. PHOTO: FRD

BY James Kon

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) received and responded to 22 emergency calls last Sunday, which included three vehicle fires, two electrical fires and one house fire.

The first report of a vehicle fire was received at 2.30am from the Lamunin area involving a hatchback which struck a lamp post. Five personnel led by DSO Roberd from the Lamunin Fire Station were dispatched to the scene and extinguished the fire within two minutes. The driver and passenger escaped unhurt.

Five personnel from the Tutong Fire Station led by ASO Haji Kamaruzaman responded to the second occurrence of a burning vehicle in the Tutong area at 5.07am. Two cars were engulfed in flames, which spread to a nearby semi-detached bungalow built from concrete and with spandex roofing.

The blaze was brought under control within two minutes. The cause of the fire and the estimated cost of damages are under investigation.

The third vehicle fire was reported at 12.09pm from RPN Kampong Bukit Beruang, where five personnel from the Bukit Beruang Fire Station led by ASO Haji Abdul Aziz were dispatched.

The fire had been doused by the vehicle owner. The fire occurred in the vehicle’s fuel tank and no injuries were reported. The cause and cost of estimated damages are under investigation.

The first electrical fire last Sunday was reported at 8.50am in Kampong Katimahar, where five personnel from the Jerudong Fire Station led by DSO Zulkifli were dispatched.

A house burned to the ground at Jalan Tanah Jambu 1. PHOTO: FRD

The firefighters used a two kg dry powder fire extinguisher to put out the flames issuing from an electrical outlet in the hallway on the upper floor of a two-storey house.

The cause of the fire is being investigated, but it is believed that the sub-main wire was eaten by termites. No one was hurt in the incident.

At 12.10pm, the second electrical fire was reported at a house in Kampong Serdang where nine firefighters from the Bandar Seri Begawan Fire Station led by SO Abdul Majid were deployed.

The fire, triggered by an electric cable outside the house, was extinguished before the firefighters arrived. The cause is believed to be a loose connection, brought about by monkeys hanging on the cable. The estimated cost of damages is BND250.

At around 5.23pm, the FRD received a call about a house fire at Jalan Tanah Jambu 1. Three fire engines from the Muara and Beribi fire stations and 11 personnel led by SO Murni bin Haji Misir were immediately deployed.

The crew attended to a blaze at a vacant single-storey house made of wood with spandex roofing. The cause of the fire is being treated as suspicious and has been handed over to the police for investigation. The estimated losses are BND10,000.

The FRD advised vehicle owners to avoid modifications to their cars and electrical wiring systems without following the original specifications and the engine capacity.

Vehicle owners were reminded to ensure that the electrical wiring, engine and fuel system are checked by a certified mechanic to detect any defects, faults or leakages.

“Take precautionary steps in obtaining car parts that are suitable and safe. Do not leave any items such as power banks or other flammable items in the vehicle while at petrol stations. Switch off the engine, do not smoke and avoid using mobile phones,” said the FRD in a statement.

The FRD urged the public to cultivate awareness on home fire safety, including avoiding circuit overloads, ensuring that the wiring is in working condition and have checks done by companies accredited by the Department of Electrical Services (DES).

The public is reminded to switch off electrical appliances after use and before leaving the house. Each home should be equipped with fire safety items such as fire blankets, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin