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HeloBn, a one-stop app for Bruneians (2020)

Launch of HeloBn application developed by Modasys Technology

BY AK Zaki Kasharan

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN - Modasys Technology has moved one step further when launching its latest application product called HeloBn at a ceremony held at iBowl Utama, Batu Satu, last Sunday (11.10.2020).

HeloBn is a mobile phone application intended to be a one-stop application created in Brunei by Bruneians for Brunei which contains various categories of uncomplicated services such as telecommunications and infocommunication services, shopping platforms, to get news info and listen to Brunei radio such as Kristal FM, Progressive Radio and more.

The simple and easy application is easy to download to mobile phones through the Play store for Android users and soon for Apple users through the App Store.

In addition, HeloBn can be said to be an innovative product to help entrepreneurs and traders share and promote their products in the market and provide services to them to further increase the value of business for example e-commerce, social media, SMS , banners and others.

Modasys Technolody worked hard to realize the application which took about three years to succeed and launch it from collecting ideas to developing into a product that can be seen today.

At the launch, five lucky winners consisting of Instagram followers of Helobn received an interesting prizes and subsequently coordinated with the handing over of HeloBn shirts to the frontliners.

The three winners who brought home a carton of Kure water and a pair of HeloBn shirts were Pengiran Nurajlaamajidah binti Pengiran Haji Ibrahim, Mashuara Haji Ali and Dayang Siti Frezah binti Haji Nayan.

Among Modasys' partners for the success of HeloBn are Aleia, Super Squad, KFM, NBT Brunei, JCB, Pitch, Community for Brunei, Ibowl, DST, Progresif Sdn Bhd and imagine Sdn Bhd.

-- Courtesy of Media Permata (translated to English)

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