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Action taken against 345 foreigners for flouting immigration laws (2020)

BY James Kon & Lyna Mohamad

Legal action was taken against 345 foreigners under the Immigration Act and Regulations Chapter 17 for violating Regulation 9(4), an offence for misusing the social visit pass, Regulation 15(2) for misusing work pass and regulations and Regulation 15(3) for not carrying the job stated in the work pass from January 2019 to September 30, the Immigration and National Registration Department (INRD) recorded.

The foreigners were nabbed by immigration enforcement officers during raids on business premises, vegetable farms, stalls selling nasi katok, kueh, flowers, fruits and vegetables and hawkers at villages and fish and meat markets.

If found guilty, an individual faces a fine of not more than BND2,000 or a six-month jail term or both. The suspect is also liable to a BND600 compound fine under Section 58A.

Officers on Thursday targetted three grocery stores in Kampong Serusop under Operasi Pumpung. During the morning operation, officers checked on three foreign men being investigated under the Immigration Act and Regulation Chapter 17 for further action as they are believed to have abused the immigration pass regulations.

Action will be taken against foreigners found guilty, deported to their country and blacklisted, the Law Enforcement Division of INRD stated.

Immigration operations and inspections are carried out based on public tip-offs and cooperation guided with details, individually or jointly with other enforcements agencies and serve to enforce the Immigration Act and Regulations, Passports Act and Regulations.

ABOVE & BELOW: Enforcement personnel take details of a suspect during the operation; and an inspection underway. PHOTOS: JAMES KON & JIPK

It is also carried out to enforce the Prevention of People Smuggling Order 2019 and Anti-Trafficking in Persons Order 2019 as well as to combat activities against the country’s rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, an operation at the Gadong market on Friday was led by the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department’s Enforcement Section with the participation of personnel from the INRD, Labour Department and Royal Brunei Police Force.

A suspect allegedly violated Regulation 9(4) of misuse of social pass while another suspect believed to have violated Regulation 15(2) by misusing working pass were nabbed by INRD officers. Three suspects violating rules in the work pass were also nabbed.

Labour Department officers found four Indonesian men, each holding the valid position as a driver, construction worker, fish breeder and fisherman, working as fishmongers and taking care of stalls and selling food.

Labour Department officers also found several offences under Employment Order 2009 where it is believed that employers did not give the employee a day off per week, the work placement of employees not as stated in the Foreign Worker Licence (LPA) and the misuse of position.

If the suspects are found guilty, the Labour Department will issue compound fines. If a company is found guilty of not providing a day off per week, the company will receive a BND160 compound fine for the first offence and BND320 compound fine for the second offence.

For the offence of placement of worker not stated in the LPA, the company if found guilty, will receive a BND600 compound fine for the first offence and BND900 compound fine for the second offence.

Stall tenants were also found abusing rental requirements under the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department by employing foreign workers at stalls registered local Malays and permanent residents.

Similar operations were also carried out at Tamu Kianggeh complex, Tamu Selera and Bumiputera Trade and Commercial Centre.

The department will continue to monitor and conduct operations and inspections.

Stall owners and entrepreneurs are reminded not to abuse the facilities and assistance provided by the government.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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