Deal sealed for projects worth BND39M (2020)

BY James Kon

The Ministry of Development on Monday awarded 17 separate projects worth nearly BND39 million to 12 local companies during a ceremony at the Public Works Department headquarters in Jalan Airport Lama.

Minister of Development Dato Seri Setia Ir Awang Haji Suhaimi bin Haji Gafar witnessed the contract signing of projects under the Public Works Department, Housing Development Department and Department of Environments, Parks and Recreation (JASTRE).

Phase two of the upgrading and renovation of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium project worth BND17,557,154 has gone to LCY Development Sdn Bhd.

The project will take 18 months to complete, comprising the upgrade of existing stadium facilities, including facilities for persons with different abilities. It also involves converting a space into a multipurpose training, event, exhibition, gallery, and function to maximise the stadium’s space for daily public and private use.

The construction of a new building for the Protection Unit of the Welfare Home Complex of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has been awarded to Salsadil Sdn Bhd worth BND1,798,512.85. It is set to be completed in 13 months.

The new complex will be constructed besides the current Welfare Home Complex in Belimbing and will feature bedrooms that can accommodate 80 persons. Each block will have fully functional basic residential amenities and a multi-purpose space and therapy room.

The event also saw the signing of Phase 1 of Tutong District’s flood retention pool project worth BND6,078,888, which has been awarded to Pro-Builder Sdn Bhd. The project is expected to reduce the impact of flooding in low-lying areas such as Kampong Lubok Pulau, Kampong Liulon, Kampong Bukit Nibong, Kampong Penulud, Kampong Tanjong Maya, and Kampong Sibakit. The project is expected to reach completion in 24 months.

Meanwhile, Foundation Contractor & Engineering Sdn Bhd has been awarded three projects, namely the upgrade of main rivers and small streams with repair work on the wall of Menglait river worth BND1,673,773, Phase 1 drainage repair work in Jalan Jerudong worth BND1,227,227 and construction of flood release culvert at Simpang 884 of Jalan Jangsak worth BND1,093,993.

The comprehensive pioneer project for seven years of seasonal contract for the operation and maintenance of pump stations and sewage oxidant pools for Lambak Kiri and Mentiri catchment worth BND1,833,280 has been awarded to Beaver Engineering Sdn Bhd. The project will take 84 months to complete, involving the running of comprehensive operation and maintenance of pump system and treatment of sewage for RPN Kampong Mentiri and STKRJ Lambak Kiri to increase efficiency by reducting pollution due to the overflow of waste.

Beaver Engineering Sdn Bhd has also been awarded a BND1,688,530 project for replacing the main pump for plants and booster pump for water treatment plants in Brunei-Muara, Tutong and Temburong districts.

The upgrade is aimed at reducing the problem of low water pressure and water supply in Layong Water Treatment Plant, Mengkubau, Sumbiling and Batang Duri.

A BND1,686,096.36 replacement of main pump for plant and booster pump project for Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant has been awarded to KTH Bersatu Sdn Bhd, while the replacement of water pipe heading to His Majesty The Sultan’s Flight worth BND723,250 was awarded to Pembinaan Assrinah Dan Anak-Anak Sdn Bhd. It is expected to be completed in 12 months.

The company has also been pegged to upgrade non-revenue water and related activities for selected district metred areas in the Brunei-Muara District project worth BND766,675.16.

The project of replacing the old water pipe of asbesto cement, galvanised Iron and PVC in the water distribution network of RPN Kampong Rataie housing area has been given to Amron Contractor Sdn Bhd. The project, which will take 18 months to complete, will ensure undisrupted water supply for the residents in RPN Kampong Rataie and preparation for future infrastructure development.

Amron Contractor Sdn Bhd has been awarded with a term contract for the maintenance of water supply at Lumut and Sungai Liang areas in the Belait District for a period of three years, while the project of upgrading main river and streams for Kampong Lumut catchment areas has gone to Jumas Sdn Bhd. The project worth BND1,092,682, will be completed in 24 months.

An insfrastuture works at RPN Kampong Meragang Phase 7 worth BND1,233,089 has been given to MIM Sdn Bhd. It will take nine months to complete.

Meanwhile, the maintenance of landscape and park facilities project at Menteri Besar Recreational Park for a period of two years has gone to Haque Vanu Contractor Sdn Bhd. The BND128,001 project is aimed at ensuring the safety of the public park and the management of plant species collection for research and education.

The daily collection and disposal of waste from the roadside waste collection centres in the Belait District for a period of two years worth BND436,980 has been given to Nasir Sdn Bhd.

The event also saw the appointment of consultants for two projects – Religious Teachers University College of Seri Begawan (KUPU SB) and new STKRJ Telisai mosque between Permanent Secretary (Infrastructure, Housing and Professional) at the Ministry of Development Ir Haji Amer Hishamuddin bin Pehin Orang Kaya Amar Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Haji Zakaria with representatives of the seven consultant firms.

OWMP International has been appointed as consultant for both projects, while Jurutera Tempatan, Z-Arif Consultant and Jurutera Perunding LCE as consultant for KUPU SB project.

Michelle Consultants and Associates, Hanafi Konsaltan and Jurutera Peruding RCS Sdn Bhd have been appointed consultants of the STKRJ Telisai mosque project.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin