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Bandar Seri Begawan: In eradicating cyber bullying and accelerating security protection in the online and virtual world, the Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCert) organised another password challenge as part of its roadshow activities at The Mall yesterday.

Fast gaining in popularity among the online community, registrants are required to enter a password, with a maximum of 10 characters long, and consisting of uppercase, lowercase and special characters.

The password will then be traced through a password auditor software. The main objective of the competition is to create the most secure password possible aimed at avoiding potential penetrators from hacking into the system that may compromise the victim's privacy.

Participants are also reminded to remember and verify their password to claim their prize. Failure to do so, even though the participant had been announced as the winner, may result in automatic disqualification.

The top prize of the competition is an Apple iPod Touch.

Meanwhile, other activities had also been rolled out during the roadshow such as the cyber quiz whereby participants could select from a range of topics with regards to cyber security.

There were two guide books prepared by BruCert on educating online users about the vulnerability of online threats as well as definitions of terms commonly experienced on the online world.

From securing electronic devices from privacy invasion to staying alert when interacting online, the Digibytes and A Parent's Guide Online Safety for Children, both prepared by BruCert, contain basic information about the digital world.

The guidebooks also help gather an insight especially for parents about the dangers oflogging online, because if caution is not exercised, online users may gain access to people's information for bad intentions and purposes, unaware of people's knowledge.

-- Courtesy of Bonreo Bulletin

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