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Bandar Seri Begawan: Zul Faden, our Bruneian local artist who is also popularly known as Zul F, has been invited to represent Brunei in the Asean-Japan Music Festival which is held from November 26 to 29 in Tokyo, Japan. Themed "Music for Healing After the Earthquake", the festival is organised by the Japan-Asean Music Fair Committee in collaboration with Japan Foundation.

The host country, Japan, has invited top artists from participating Asean countries to perform at this festival. The stage is set at NHK Hall Shibuya, Tokyo.

Zul Faden, together with his team of back up dancers Khamdhi Asmad (head choreographer), Studio Scene dancers (Alfie Juhar, Han Wuen and Marcos Ukul), have all been working hard preparing for the event. Zul will be performing two songs from his recent album, Mana Ku Pergi and Just Wanna Dance. Zul's wardrobe has been sponsored by Bingo Men. Japan is represented by AKB48, EXILE and w-inds while other invited artists (to name a few) are Preap Sovath (Cambodia), Agnes Monica (Indonesia), Datul Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia), Olivia Ong (Singapore), Bird Thongchai Mcintyre (Thailand), My Linh (Vietnam) and Christian Bautista (the Phillipines).

The Asean-Japan Music Fair commemorates the 40t" anniversary of friendly relationships between Japan and Asean countries and to support the japan-Asean Special Summit carried out through December in Tokyo.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin