10th BIMPNT-EAGA Friendship Games 2018: Brunei to compete in two disciplines in sepak takraw

PESTABARU members with managers and coaches of participating teams. – KHAIRIL HASSAN

BY Khairil Hassan

BRUNEI Darussalam will compete in two disciplines in the sepak takraw event of the 10th BIMPNT-EAGA Friendship Games 2018 starting today at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Bolkiah Garisson in Berakas.

A managers’ meeting and tournament draw were held on Wednesday at the Green Room of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, chaired by Haji Zaman bin Haji Samat and committee members of PESTABARU (Brunei Darussalam Takraw Association).

Brunei will take part in the Inter Team and Quadrant Team disciplines. Eight competing teams are divided into four groups in the Inter Team – In Group A are Palawan and South Sulawesi; Group B comprises Sarawak and Brunei ‘A’; in Group C are Federal Territory of Labuan and Brunei ‘B’; while Sabah and Mindanao make up Group D.

In the Quadrant team discipline, seven teams are divided into two groups – Group A are Sabah, Brunei ‘A’ and Palawan; while Group B comprises South Sulawesi, Brunei ‘B’, Sarawak and Mindanao.

The competition will see top two teams from each group qualify into the next round of matches.

BIMPNT-EAGA stands for Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Northern Territory of Australia East Asian Growth Area.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin