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Brunei Go players join world championship

Lim Chai Hui and Siddeq Ashmad (L) with the Indonesian team before their match. – JAMES KON

BY James Kon

BRUNEIAN Go players Lim Chai Hui (1-dan) and Siddeq Ashmad (1-dan) from the Brunei Darussalam Go Association came in 27th place out of 31 teams in the 29th World Amateur Pair Go Championship from December 2-3 at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont, Tokyo.

Some 64 players from 20 countries joined the event. This is the second time that Brunei Darussalam Go Association participated in the championship.

During the event, the best dresser representing their country were awarded prizes. Fashion designer Junko Koshino was the judge.

Pair Go is a game format where a single game of Go is played between teams of two players. The specific term Pair Go is usually used when referring to games where each team consists of one female and one male player. The more general form, where players can be of any gender, is usually referred to as Rengo.

Siddeq Asmad participated twice in this event with the same partner Lim. Siddeq Asmad said, “Not only we have to do well in our games, we have to start putting effort in winning the best dresser by hiring a Bruneian fashion designer as we represent the nation. Lastly, we urge more young players to try Pair Go as part of their training to represent Brunei next time.”

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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