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Brunei team set for China training camp (2019)

Brunei national football team with coaching staff and management. – FADHIL YUNUS

BY Fadhil Yunus

THE Brunei Darussalam national football team held their final training session last night before they head for a training camp in China ahead of their first leg tie in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and AFC Asian Cup 2023 Preliminary Joint Qualification Round 1 against Mongolia.

The national team will leave for China tonight.

The DPMM FC players also linked up with the national squad – which is under the guidance of new national head coach Robbie Servais – comprising players from the domestic football scene.

Also joining the national team is Adi Said, who recently made an impact with Malaysia Premier League outfit UiTM FC.

The national head coach has called for a healthy team culture and encouraged the local league players which had been part of the squad since Servais’ arrival to blend with the DPMM FC players.

The DPMM FC players joined later on from the rest of the team as they were involved with club appointments.

“I only worked with the group of players from the local league (DST Super League) so only today for the first time that the DPMM FC players joined,” said Servais in an interview with the media after their training session at the NFABD Football Field.

He added, “I have to say that the boys from the Super League have a very good attitude and that the turnout was very good. I am happy with that.”

The national squad has originally more players from the Singapore Premier League club but in the end the players did not join the squad.

“Of course, little by little, we found out that quite a few of the DPMM FC players were pulling out so that kind of messed up the preparation.

Today is the first time we have some of the DPMM FC boys with us and I think the attitude has been good.

“We can work and we have a plan to play against Mongolia. Of course the plan changed now that we know that so many DPMM FC players are not joining so that completely changes the mind-set.

“But that is the job of the coach and I have to change the strategy and tactics for the game.”

The national coach has tagged Mongolia as the favourite heading into the two-legged encounter and called for his team to be organised and well-disciplined.

“I think Mongolia are the favourite in this game. Especially when we are playing away, we need to be very well-organised. I expect discipline from the players during the game so they should stay in their position and they should stay in the formation that we are going to play.”

Asked what he expects from the players, he replied, “Tactical discipline is one and that requires a lot of stamina as well because I expect Mongolia to have the ball often than we do. I expect players who are fit to defend as one unit as eleven players. Because if one or two players are not defending, then the gaps and spaces will become very big and it will be very difficult for us.”

He also highlighted the environment and playing conditions the players may face in Mongolia.

“The situation there is high altitude, the oxygen is less and the players are not used to the temperature over there. We need to be very disciplined and that’s what I expect from the players.”

The Wasps will be playing Beijing State University in a friendly match in China.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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