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Local boxing star to begin pre-camp training (2020)

Managing Director and owner of Fitness Zone Wu Chun presents a boxing attire to Muhammad ‘Irfan bin Haji Abdul Razak. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

BY Fadhil Yunus

Brunei Darussalam boxing sensation Muhammad ‘Irfan bin Haji Abdul Razak will start his pre-camp training in the country during the early stages of his preparations towards launching a professional boxing career.

The local star, who signed a landmark deal with legendary trainer Jeff Mayweather last month, will then continue the next phase of his journey towards a maiden professional fight with a full training camp in Las Vegas.

Muhammad ‘Irfan, who is dubbed the Brawler of Brunei, said that his time in Brunei will be his pre-camp before continuing his training in Las Vegas alongside his new trainer Jeff Mayweather.

While in Brunei, the boxer has been boosted with the availability of state-of-the-art equipment and will see most of his work in a world-class Everlast boxing ring.

“It is not easy for a local athlete preparing on our own. We don’t have a higher world-class boxing programme,” said Muhammad ‘Irfan in an interview with the media on Friday.

He continued, “I’m grateful to Wu Chun and I’m feeling very motivated to elevate the name of our country and hopefully to be a world champion representing Brunei.”

The boxer conveyed his gratitude to Fitness Zone for their support in providing him access to their facilities and a dedicated personal trainer team.

Having taken a big step towards representing the country in a professional bout, the identity of his first opponent will only be announced at a later stage likely once he commences training in Vegas and link up with Mayweather.

He said, “We will decide who my opponent while the full camp is taking place. We will be taking it step-by-step.” The pair kept in touch on a daily basis and discussed plans especially the business aspect and training.

Mayweather, who spotted Muhammad ‘Irfan’s talents said, “Muhammad has a lot to offer to the boxing world, a very skilled fighter, and he just needs some finetuning to take him to the next level and that will be my job and mission to get him where he needs to be.”

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Fitness Zone Wu Chun said, “It’s very hard for a Bruneian to get noticed by a popular and well-known team for the United States (US) and it is not easy.”

“He must have put in a lot of effort to get recognised. Now he got the opportunity to make it big,” said Wu Chun.

“We are all very excited and I just want to show appreciation for him and I want everyone to know that we have a local boxer that will be going to make it big in the future.”

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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