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COVID-19 Brunei: More cue sports enthusiasts to return to pool centres (2020)

A player breaks during a pool session. PHOTO: FADHIL YUNUS

BY Fadhil Yunus

More cue sports enthusiasts in Brunei Darussalam will return to local pool halls following the announcement of the third phase of the de-escalation plan last week, allowing gyms, fitness centres, and indoor and outdoor sports facilities to operate at 90 per cent capacity.

Pool operators welcomed the latest guideline on allowing a near full capacity in several sports facilities and complexes which will be enforced starting today.

The updated guideline marked a further revision from the 60 per cent capacity announced during the second phase, having initially begun at 30 per cent capacity during the first phase.

Pool centres such as Master Alim Pool Café saw reduced capacity with crossings labelled on tables and booths during their resumption of operations in mid-May when easing of measures on sports re-opening first emerged.

With a 30 per cent capacity, only four to five tables were opened for public use, which was then consequently increased to six when the capacity was expanded to 60 per cent.

The pool centre typically averaged around 20 people since its re-opening and users booked their slots through an online system the pool centre recently provided. A temporary checkpoint has also been stationed at the entrance while users must scan their QR code through their BruHealth application before entering the premises and using the facilities.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of customers, cleanliness of equipment is also ensured such as sanitising pool balls before the start of each session.

With double matches now permitted under the latest guideline, a limit of a maximum of four customers for each table bookings has been set. In line with the current guidelines, sharing of equipment such as cue sticks are not allowed.

Apart from cue sports, sports enthusiasts in badminton, ten-pin bowling, archery, tennis, golf and table tennis benefitted with the re-opening with social distancing measures in place.

While on premises, users were reminded to be socially responsible in ensuring physical distancing measures and maintaining their personal hygiene.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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