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COVID-19 Brunei: Facilities operating at 90pc capacity, team sports still limited (2020)

BY Fadhil Yunus

The third phase of the de-escalation plan took effect on Monday with updated guidelines and conditions for gyms and fitness centres, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and golf courses.

Outdoor and indoor sports facilities as well as gym and fitness centres are allowed to operate with a 90 per cent capacity at one time subject to space of the facility or complex.

The use of such facilities is limited to two hours only while the use of locker rooms and shower areas are allowed.

Sports contested in doubles and pairs are allowed while team sports are only allowed in a group of five for a training programme only.

The exchange of individuals among groups, activities involving physical contact and sharing of equipment are not allowed.

Contact sports and non-contact artistic sports are allowed for training sessions only. However, sparring training is not allowed.

Under the general guidelines, sports equipment must be cleaned and sanitised before and after use.

Users must also bring their own towels and water bottles. Body temperature checks should be conducted and hand sanitisers should be prepared at the entrance and in appropriate areas.

Individuals who have symptoms and perceives as high risk will not be allowed to play. They must maintain their personal hygiene at all times and social distancing within two metres must be observed at all times.

Individuals should avoid physical contact while signboards and posters of COVID-19 preventive measures must be displayed.

In terms of booking, outdoor sports facilities must maintain a reservation system and timetable to ensure the safety of staff and users.

The maximum number of users must be determined by the party of outdoor sports facilities and must comply with the rules which is to operate at 90 per cent capacity at one time, subject to space.

Patrons are not allowed to get together before or after an activity within the immediate surroundings of the outdoor sports facility. Toilets are allowed to be used and must be sanitised at all times.

A party of outdoor sports facilities must prepare a procedure to ensure the needs of social distancing are met in the training or exercise areas.

The party must also prepare a procedure to ensure that equipment is safe to be used and sanitation practices before, after and in between bookings are implemented.

All outdoors sports facilities’ personnel must wear a face mask and gloves. Each user should bring their own disinfectant as protection.

For guidelines under training and exercise, each user should use the right equipment and wear appropriate attire to protect their skin. If the user is using an exercise mat, they should extend their towel on top of the mat.

They should also wear gloves to minimise contact with the surface.

Users of the premises must also not touch their face, eyes and mouth without washing their hands. They must also leave the sports facility immediately to prevent gatherings.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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