COVID-19 Brunei: Bowling centres welcome de-escalation plan second phase (2020)

A patron at one of the bowling centres in the country. PHOTO: FADHIL YUNUS

BY Fadhil Yunus

Bowling alleys operators in the country welcomed the authorities’ move to implement updated guidelines as the second phase of the de-escalation plan specifically for bowling centres took effect as of Monday.

Under the second phase, two bowlers can now play in a single lane at one time as opposed to one bowler per lane rule announced during the earlier stage of the de-escalation plan.

House balls and shoes are made available with safety measures and procedures in place.

Similar to the third phase of the de-escalation plan for indoor and outdoor sports facilities and gym and fitness centres, bowlers can play for a maximum of two hours per day. Locker rooms can be used while cafeterias, restaurants and canteens at the bowling centre can operate at a 90 per cent capacity subject to space.

Bowling centres such as Golden Bowling Company has taken safety measures in line with the guideline on preparing a procedure to ensure that the equipment is safe for usage.

Each ball return system will be provided with a selection of house balls made of various weights from the lightest to the heaviest. House balls are not allowed to be taken from the shelves. Customers can also request for a different size at the reception with a member of staff on hand to provide them with a new ball.

When bowlers begin a session, they may use any of the house balls placed at the bottom of the ball return system.

After a session is completed, the house ball that has been used will be cleaned and sanitised.

Individuals are not allowed to get together before or after a bowling session in the surroundings of the bowling centre.

The bowling centre must also prepare a procedure to ensure that social distancing needs are met. Bowlers must also practice social distancing measures with a distance of two metres to be observed at all times and avoid any physical contact.

The guidelines also spell out the need for all personnel to wear face mask and gloves while users are encouraged to bring their own disinfectant for protection.

As practised by other establishments nationwide not limiting to sports facilities and complexes, each customer must scan their QR code through their BruHealth application.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin