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Brunei boxing sensation to be joined by local duo (2020

Brunei boxer Muhammad ‘Irfan bin Haji Abdul Razak. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

BY Fadhil Yunus

Brunei Darussalam boxing sensation Muhammad ‘Irfan bin Haji Abdul Razak will be joined by two local boxers in a sparring session during the Boxing Seminar and Clinic at the Fitness Zone tomorrow.

Brunei Youth Champion 2019 Luqman Hakim and the country’s next boxing prospect Mateen Dahari – both of whom are Muhammad ‘Irfan’s training partners – are expected to make an appearance as part of the programme in the first day of the seminar.

Muhammad ‘Irfan will kick off the seminar with a media workout followed by a sparring match with Wu Chun.

The boxer’s iconic trainer Jeff Mayweather, an American former professional boxer, will conduct an interactive virtual boxing seminar via Zoom.

An explanation and breakdown of the skills displayed during the sparring matches between Muhammad ‘Irfan and his training partners will also be provided.

The seminar on Saturday and Sunday will have the same content and activities including boxing fundamentals theory and practical sessions.

Participants will begin with dynamic stretching for boxing and muscle activation at the start of the clinic.

The clinic also includes extensive coverage of shadowboxing, boxing biomechanics as well as boxing drills.

Shadowboxing will cover practical workout and theory while boxing biomechanics entails strength and conditioning for boxing.

Participants will also listen to a boxer lifestyle and mentality talk with Muhammad ‘Irfan while cooling down after all workouts.

All participants are advised to bring their own pair of handwraps, boxing gloves and floor mat to use for training.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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