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Pencak silat community learns new competition rules (2020)

Participants at the pencak silat new rules seminar. PHOTO: FADHIL YUNUS

BY Fadhil Yunus

Brunei Darussalam’s pencak silat community gained a better understanding on the latest developments of the martial art sport during the 2nd Pencak Silat New Competition Regulations 2020 Zoom Seminar at the Sports School in Berakas on Sunday.

Vice President of Brunei Darussalam Pencak Silat Federation (PERSIB) Pengiran Haji Abdul Karim bin Pengiran Haji Metassan was selected as one of the speakers and discussed the articles contained in the new competition regulations.


Executive Chairman of International Pencak Silat Federation (Persilat) Benny G Sumarsono said, “There are not many changes on the new rules from the first session. This time we will detail the allowed technique and the system.

“We allow changes in the system of the Wasit-Juri and the system for the competition.

“We will explain as detailed as we can so everyone will understand the rules of how the technique is carried out.”

Meanwhile, Secretary General of Persilat Teddy Suratmadji said as the official international governing body of pencak silat, Persilat urged federations to report to them if any international federations (IFs) claim to be one.

He added that pencak silat is composed of four components namely as an art, a form of self-defence, a sport and as a spiritual exercise.

The secretary general also explained the timeline on how the initiative in making amendments to the pencak silat competition rules first kicked off.

The timeline, which shows key events in the year 2019 and 2020, initially began during a meeting by the founding members in February 2019 in Jakarta.

Following the signing ceremony in Padepokan in Jakarta in March 2020, the members interacted via Zoom due to COVID-19 before the international seminar was conducted.

The International Pencak Silat Rules and Regulations was formed by Persilat together with the contributions and input from the four founding members including Brunei Darussalam in ensuring the officiating of the games is being conducted and judged fairly.

As the sport grows globally and professionally, the appointment of a protest commissioner will help the sport to be more transparent in terms of judging and scoring.

The amendment of the rules also bodes well with Persilat’s objectives to prevent all methods and practices which may severely damage the integrity of pencak silat.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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