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Soul Snatcher [CH] (2020)

Soul-Snatcher poster 10-dec-2020-CH--1

[Mandarin/Cantonese with Eng, Malay & Chinese Subtitles] 
125 mins 
Genre: Action/ Fantasy
Starring:  Li Xian, Chen Li-Nong, Hani Kyzy, Pei Kuishan
Directed by: Song Haolin, Yi Liqi

Rating: (PG-13)


While on a quest for immortality in the human world, fox spirit Bai meets Wang Zijin, who is on the way to the capital to take his civil examinations. He befriends the innocent scholar and together they embark on a magical adventure, fighting evil spirits and mythic creatures on their journey. But in the end Bai will have to make a choice, whether he will let Wang live or kill him, because only by doing the latter can Bai fulfil his quest.



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